The Inspirational Runner Podcast

Episode #146 Vajin Armstrong Flow Running Behind the Spiritual Curtain

August 20, 2021
What a treat we have for you this week with one of Ultra Runnings most interesting runners Vajin Armstrong, not only has he podiumed some of the worlds toughest races but he brings with him a different dimension into the sport.
A follower of the Indian Spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy creator of the Sri Chinmoy Self Transcendence race in New York, Vajin lives a life of peace and harmony through his meditation practices which he uses to great benefit as he is able to transcend into a flow state whilst running.

Vajin won the NZ Kepler challenge 3 consecutive years in a row and has achieved a 17:50 in the Western State, he has numerous running acalades but his mindset in running and life in general is what makes Vajin such an interesting person to listen to.

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