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Episode #139 Inov-8 The Award Winning Terraultra G270 Trail Shoe

Episode #139 Inov-8 The Award Winning Terraultra G270 Trail Shoe

February 15, 2021

I've been back in the hills with a new set of tyres, the Inov-8 Terraultra G270s. I was so blown away by them that I had to invite the Inov-8 team on to the podcast to find out more about the product and the people behind this increasingly competitive brand.

Not only is Bodil Oushoorn the Design Manager at Inov-8 but she is also a kick ass ultra runner having completed the 2019 Dragons Back, we also had the pleasure of Lee Procter Communications & Ambassadors Manager who has been racing in the lake district for over 20 years and a finisher of the Bob Graham Round.

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Episode #138 Steve Birkinshaw There Is No Map in Hell

Episode #138 Steve Birkinshaw There Is No Map in Hell

February 7, 2021

A 17hr Bob Graham, seven times winner of the OMM, winner of the infamous 2012 Dragons Back race, and former record hold of the wainrights, not to mention author of one of the best Mountain books out there There is no Map in Hell.

If only I had half the knowledge that Steve Birkinshaw carries, it was great sitting down with him, I’ve been in awe of his achievements since seeing the Dragons Back race on youtube a few years ago so to sit here and get the opportunity to chat about it was pretty epic.

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Episode #137 Paul Tierney The Wainwrights FKT

Episode #137 Paul Tierney The Wainwrights FKT

January 24, 2021

In this episode we talk to Paul Tierney Irish international ultra runner and current FKT holder of the 214 fells of the Wainwrights which he completed in a little over 6 days and 6hrs, which normally taken people months if not years to complete.

He has a list of accomplishments and a great depth of experience in the longer races, here is a list of some of his stand out acheivements.

Medallist, Lakeland 100,

2011, 2012, 2015.

Medallist, Wicklow Way Ultra,

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017.

Former Wicklow Way record holder

Team Ireland / World Ultra Trail Championships 2011, 2015, 2017, 2018

Tor des Geants 330km ultra-race top 25 finisher 2017 & 2018

Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Coach

Certified Sports Massage Therapist

Certified Biomechanics Coach

Certified ITEC Personal Trainer

Paul has also teamed up with Irish International mountain runner Sarah McCormack as part of a great coaching team from 'Missing Link Coaching' you can catch Sarah on a previous episode #114 when she featured as a guest on the podcast.

Episode #136 Robbie Britton The Key to Ultra Running Success

Episode #136 Robbie Britton The Key to Ultra Running Success

January 10, 2021

Robbie Britton is an athlete that isn’t afraid of a challenge, be it on the road or the trail, Robbie has performed from 5k to 24hr, with highlights such as a 2:29 marathon and a 261km 24hr best, which earned him a World & European bronze medal.

Robbie loves a challenge whether it is crossing Iceland, completing the Kom-Emine in Bulgaria, setting an FKT on the 650km Jordan Trail on foot or 1100km on a bike, the next adventure is never far away with Robbie however one area he invests a lot of his time on is his coaching methods and as you will hear from this episode he has developed a wealth of knowledge through various university courses that helps his athletes succeed.

Add to the mix he is about to release his first book which should be out in the next few months so I'll share a link when available in the comments below.

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Episode #135 Ben Blowes 31 Marathons in 31 Days for Tom’s Trust 31 Stars Av Sub 4hrs

Episode #135 Ben Blowes 31 Marathons in 31 Days for Tom’s Trust 31 Stars Av Sub 4hrs

December 27, 2020

During the week I got wind of Ben’s attempt of running 31 marathons in 31 days with the ambitious target of running a sub four hour average, today Ben completed his 27th marathon in 27 days so I thought I grab him for a quick chat to unpack what its all about.

I’ve just taken a look at Ben’s just giving page which can be found at www.justgiving. Com/campaign/31Stars and it is absolutely incredible, so far he has raised a phenomenal £107,799 pounds for Tom’s Trust.

Tom’s Trust is dedicated to providing psychological support for children with brain tumours and their families, I’ve added a link in the show notes to their web page which was founded in Tom’s memory with the help of his mum Debbie so please make time to take a look and show your support to Ben and Tom’s Trust, yes its an amazing amount of money but with your help I think we could double it.

Great episode from Ben, I’m sure it takes a lot out of him to run a marathon everyday and to keep the momentum moving forward, he's done a sterling job and shined a bright light through this latest lock down.

I hope we can continue to increase the findraising in memory of Tom, you can donate by texting 31STARS to 70085, or go on to Ben’s just giving page www.justgiving. Com/campaign/31Stars


Episode #134 Kevin Webber The Power of a Positive Mindset MDS Prostate Cancer Awareness

Episode #134 Kevin Webber The Power of a Positive Mindset MDS Prostate Cancer Awareness

December 26, 2020

We have Kevin Webber on the show this week, one of the most inspirational runners that I have had the pleasure of meeting, diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014 and was told that he only had two years left to live.

During his chemotherapy to the shock of his doctor Kevin started to train for a marathon, not only did he finish it but he followed it up with London marathon only two weeks later.

But Kevin being Kevin that wasn't enough, he then went on to train throughout his treatment for one of the hardest foot races on the planet the Marathon des Sables which is a grulesome six day event covering 251km through the sahara desert.

Not only did he complete it but he has continued to return year after year defying all odds to take part in the MDS, in 2020 the race was cancelled due to Covid-19 so Kevin decided to run the 251km in his garden where he raised more that £30,000 which is a small percentage of what he has already raised for Prostate Cancer.

Check out Kevin's latest just giving page and please support his through out his next ventures
Kevin Webber Funraiser Prostate Cancer Awareness

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Episode #133 Pam Reed A Pioneer in the World of Ultra Running Badwater Badass

Episode #133 Pam Reed A Pioneer in the World of Ultra Running Badwater Badass

December 20, 2020

What a guest we have with us this week, a pioneer in the world of ultra running and author of one of the most inspiring books out there The Extra Mile.

Pam Reed the first female to be the overall winner of Badwater in 2002 and again in 2003 pushing Dean Karnazes into second place.

First person to run over 300 miles (302) without sleeping 74 hrs.

Previous USA 24hr track record holder

Six day USA record holder 490 miles

Amazingly Pam finished the Western State, Hard Rock & Badwater all within 4 weeks of each other in 2015 (you have to agree that is one epic stat)

She is scheduled to run her 99th 100 miler last month, by the time this goes out I’m sure she will have run her 100th 100 mile race which is a cool stat to hit but there’s no way Pam will stop there.

We had a great laugh recording this episode so many obstacles had to be overcome, not to mention not pressing record on the mic but like all good ultra events we managed to knock out the problems and just about make it over that finish line.

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Episode #132 Hillary Allen Against All Odds (Out & Back Book Release 04/21)

Episode #132 Hillary Allen Against All Odds (Out & Back Book Release 04/21)

November 28, 2020

I find it absolutely mind blowing what Hillary Allen has achieved over the last couple of years, falling 150ft off a ridge during a skyrun in Norweigh, miraculously escaping what was almost certain death, being told your never going to compete again, I can only image the emotions that must have flooded her body as she lay in her hospital bed with 14 broken bones and hardly able to move.

Fast forward 10 months later and she crosses the finish line in the 48km Cortina Mountain race in 1st place, it defies belief, it really does show you what is possible if you keep a positive mind.

What is even more impressive is that the following spring she slips on the ice and breaks her ankle, again has to have surgery then 5 months later crosses line in 2nd place on one of the worlds toughest mountain races TDS on the extended 145km course which takes in over 9000m of vert.

As amazing her story is, I thought it important not to go past how awesome Hillary was pre accident, graduate who started running in 2011, ran a 2:51 marathon, and moved her way up in the rankings to 1st in the World Sky Running series.

The Mourne Seven Sevens Virtual Challenge 17,052ft (5198m)

Hillary Allen Book Release Out and Back
Out and Back: A Runner's Story of Survival Against All Odds: Allen, Hillary, Blue Star Press: 9781944515959: Books

Episode#131 Nick Lister Turning a Corner and Failing Your Way to Backyard Success

Episode#131 Nick Lister Turning a Corner and Failing Your Way to Backyard Success

November 1, 2020

We have a special episode for you this week with one of the members from the UK Backyard Team that took part in the Big Dog's Backyard Ultra - World Championship on the 17th Oct 2020.

It was an epic event to be part of the UK came team home finished in 13th place out of 21 when Richie Hinson completed his 39th loop, Johnny Breen came in an amazing 2nd place which shows how much he developed as a competitive ultra runner over the last couple of years.

Ed McGroarty and Eoin Keith ensured Ireland finished in 10th place with an pretty impressive 42/41 loops, but the big story in my eyes was this weeks guest Nick Lister who less than 6 years ago weighed in at 19 stone and realised it was time to turn a corner.

After completing a couple of Ironmen Nick entered the Castleward backyard and failed his way to completing the magical 100 mile mark during the world championships where he and his team completed against the likes of Courtney Dauwalter, Amelia Boone, Maggie Guterl and lets not forget Karel Sabbe who managed to complete 75 loops which is an astonishing 321.5 miles.

This is a great story of growth and perseverance, Nick has really recoloured his life through the world of Ultra Running, a real down to earth guy who just likes putting himself through hell.

My favourite piece of this episode is where Nick has his break through during his 500 (524) mile run around the North of Scotland, enjoy....

Episode #130 The Denis Rankin Round Winter Special

Episode #130 The Denis Rankin Round Winter Special

October 22, 2020

With so many races cancelled people are starting to look at the Winter Rounds to cash in on their summer training, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to release an episode with the DRR winter record holders for anyone who may be interested in having successful but more importantly safe round.

All our guests on this special winter round edition have completed and held course record on the Denis Rankin, we start with committee member and summer round finisher in both directions Aaron Shimmons kindly provides an introduction to the round.

Aaron Shimmons Male Anti- Clockwise Summer round course record 19:22
Moire O'Sullivan Female Clockwise winter round course record 21:24
NIall Gibney Male Anti-Clockwise winter round course record 20:21
Shane Lynch Male Clockwise winter round course record 16:36

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