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Episode #153 Keith Russell Nobody Escapes the Suffering in a Backyard Winner 2022 Castleward

February 17, 2022

Yesterday I had the pleasure of breaking down the latest Backyard event with the winner of the 2022 Castle Ward back yard Keith Russel who was taken to 37 loops by up and coming ultra runner Cathal McParland.

Some you might be aware that we have had Keith on the podcast previously firstly for his amazing story with Alana that starting his running journey only 5 years ago which you can hear on episode #115, we had him back again last August for episode #147 where Keith completed 63 loops in the back yard. Both those episode go into how and why Keith started, and episode #147 brakes down his training fuel and nutrition.

This episode was purely a chat about how the race went at the front and the back of the event, there seems to be a sense of normality returning to the race scene so why not check out Atlas Runnings next back yard which takes place on the 27th August at Florence Court.


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