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Episode #151 Ross Jenkin 4@40 UK Mountain Round Challenge 387km 31,800m

December 23, 2021

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last episode was released but the wait was worth it as we have a 2hr feature with the round machine himself Ross Jenkin, who earlier this year completed all four of the UKs infamous Mountain Rounds within the same week.

The well known English Bob Graham, The Welsh Paddy Buckley, The Scottish Charlie Ramsay and our local N.Ireland Round The Denis Rankin.

The challenge involved 152 summits, with 387km (240 miles) of challenging terrain with 31,800m (104,331ft) of ascent, and Ross amazingly completed the four @ forty challenge in less than 7 days which it quite astounding numbers add to the show notes if you’d like to take a look.

Ross who has been a beacon of light for those struggling with mental health and depression completed the challenge for CALM  (Campaign Against Living Miserably), I’ve added a link in the show notes if anyone would like to donate for this increasingly important charity.

Paddy Buckley Round (North Wales)I Distance: 98K + 8,534 meters of climbing I Time: 25:36:09
Denis Ranking Round (Northern Ireland) I Distance: 90K + 6,500 meters of climbing I Time: 23:02:49
Charlie Ramsay Round (Scotland) I Distance: 93K + 8,700 meters of climbing I Time: 29:07:43
Bob Graham Round (England) I Distance: 106K + 8,233 meters of climbing I Time: 32:59:51

Click here to donate to CALM Ross Jenkin Fundraiser

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