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Episode #145 GB Runner Rebecca Robinson Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S)

Episode #145 GB Runner Rebecca Robinson Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S)

August 15, 2021

We have a very interesting guest this week, Dr. Rebecca Robinson. Sports and Exercise Medical Consultant who has represented GB in the marathon distance gracing a 2hr 36min pb, along with a 33min 09sec 10k, she is also an absolutely awesome mountain runner winning team gold with GB in 2015.

In this episode we unpack RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport) the effects it can have on the body, the signs, and the preventative actions you can take to be more aware of the condition to ensure you reach your optimal energy level when needed the most.

Clinic link for CHHP REDS clinic with Rebecca.

- @rjprobinson

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Episode #144 Paddy Hamilton First Place Introduction into the World of Ultra Running

Episode #144 Paddy Hamilton First Place Introduction into the World of Ultra Running

August 10, 2021

I can’t believe we have been absent for almost four months I'd just like to thank everyone for their continued support, and who better to start off with than fellow club mate Slieve Gullion Runners Paddy Hamilton who at his first attempt in the world of ultra smashed the field to take first place in the 100km Race to the Stones.

Paddy is more commonly seen pushing the front in 5ks and 10ks, and he took on the race to the stones to gain some valuable learning for his up and coming Marathon Des Sables.

Crossing the line in first place in his first Ultra race demonstrates how much potential Paddy has and I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for Paddy as continues down the path of pain in the world of ultra running.

Paddy is running the MDS to raise much need funds for the hospice, if you’d like to support Paddy why not click on the link in the show notes and give a small donation I’m sure all donations will be greatly received.

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Episode #143 Karen McNeany & Chris Hanlon The Barkley Marathon

Episode #143 Karen McNeany & Chris Hanlon The Barkley Marathon

June 1, 2021

It's been a while since I've released an episode, the joys of setting up a new business however no better place to start of again than the Barkley Marathon.

Karen McNeany gained her entry into the Barkley by being the first lady across the line in the Barkley Classic however that didn't stop Laz giving her race number one the human sacrifice, her partner Chris Hanlon also got into the race and strangely enough they both met during the classic so there is love out on the trails even in most grulesome races.

Hope you enjoy listening to our latest Barkley Episode, epic!!

Episode #142 Gary House Run Strong Coaching Insta Ultra Lad

Episode #142 Gary House Run Strong Coaching Insta Ultra Lad

April 9, 2021

Short intro to this weeks guest Gary House from the run strong club, an ultra runner himself signing up for races such as UTMBS TDS and The Dragon's Back he has earned himslef an indepth knowledge on coaching techniques which he shares through the club.

Check him out on Instagram if you want to be entertained, or if your interested in being coached by Gary check out his website on the link below.


Episode #141 George Foster Mountain Running and a Sublime Bob Graham Round

Episode #141 George Foster Mountain Running and a Sublime Bob Graham Round

March 22, 2021

George is very talented Mountain Runner who focuses on shorter sharper mountain races, however last October during the nations lock down he took on the Bob Graham round and beat Billy Bland's time which had previously stood for 36 years prior to Killian Jornet breaking it.

At 13hrs 44min it hit the running community with a wave of amazement and truly out George on the radar, George has raced some of the most iconic races in the world such as the Sierre Zinal and Pike's Peak so as George had done quite a few interviews on his Bob Graham round I tried to unpack the journey that George had taken which has resulted in his latets performace.

Hope you enjoy, and why not pick up a copy of Moire O'Sullivan's latest book about the calling of the Mountains....

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Episode #140 Martin Cox The Fine Art of Performance Coaching

Episode #140 Martin Cox The Fine Art of Performance Coaching

March 8, 2021

We have one of if not the best coach that I have had the pleasure of talking to Martin Cox from Vo2 Max Coaching, he is a world class athlete who has been on the top flight in mountain running for numerous years.

He has rubbed shoulders with some of the best coaches the world has ever seen which along with his own experience in racing is where he learned his skill, his passion for the sport and the athlete’s he coaches shines through in this episode, he is an amazingly interesting guy and there is no doubt in my mind that he could significantly my performance as an athlete.

1984 – Starts running at 10 years old. First competitive road race in 1984, age 14. It was the Huncote Half Marathon, Leicester.

1987 – Began training under Paul Blissett at Leicester Coritanians, coach to distance running legends Craig Mochrie and Phil Makepeace.

1996 – First international vest, 4th place in the Inter-Counties XC, and a debut half-marathon of 64 minutes in Bristol.

1997 – First competitive mountain race, Mt Roy in Wanaka, New Zealand.

1998 – Moved to Chamonix to train and race full-time in the Alps.

1999 – Completed first track-racing season working with renowned distance running coach Arthur Lydiard.

2002 – Wins second World Cup. Finishes 3rd at Sierre-Zinal and 4th in the World Mountain Running Championships.

2003 – First mountain marathon – Graubuenden in Lenzerheide, Switzerland.

2005 – First ultra-marathon – The Kepler in Te Anau, New Zealand.

2008 – A career highlight – second place in the Jungfrau Marathon.

2009 – Branching out into the Extreme Sport of Snowshoe Racing.

2010 – First year as a veteran. Wins Inter-counties Fell Running Championships and runs first road marathon in 2 hrs 27 minutes.

2013 – Completes a number of ultras, including the Swiss Alpine Marathon and The Himalayan 100.

2019 – Aged 50. New races on the road and in the mountains, including the Comrades Marathon and Subida Pico Valeta.


Episode #139 Inov-8 The Award Winning Terraultra G270 Trail Shoe

Episode #139 Inov-8 The Award Winning Terraultra G270 Trail Shoe

February 15, 2021

I've been back in the hills with a new set of tyres, the Inov-8 Terraultra G270s. I was so blown away by them that I had to invite the Inov-8 team on to the podcast to find out more about the product and the people behind this increasingly competitive brand.

Not only is Bodil Oushoorn the Design Manager at Inov-8 but she is also a kick ass ultra runner having completed the 2019 Dragons Back, we also had the pleasure of Lee Procter Communications & Ambassadors Manager who has been racing in the lake district for over 20 years and a finisher of the Bob Graham Round.

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Episode #138 Steve Birkinshaw There Is No Map in Hell

Episode #138 Steve Birkinshaw There Is No Map in Hell

February 7, 2021

A 17hr Bob Graham, seven times winner of the OMM, winner of the infamous 2012 Dragons Back race, and former record hold of the wainrights, not to mention author of one of the best Mountain books out there There is no Map in Hell.

If only I had half the knowledge that Steve Birkinshaw carries, it was great sitting down with him, I’ve been in awe of his achievements since seeing the Dragons Back race on youtube a few years ago so to sit here and get the opportunity to chat about it was pretty epic.

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Episode #137 Paul Tierney The Wainwrights FKT

Episode #137 Paul Tierney The Wainwrights FKT

January 24, 2021

In this episode we talk to Paul Tierney Irish international ultra runner and current FKT holder of the 214 fells of the Wainwrights which he completed in a little over 6 days and 6hrs, which normally taken people months if not years to complete.

He has a list of accomplishments and a great depth of experience in the longer races, here is a list of some of his stand out acheivements.

Medallist, Lakeland 100,

2011, 2012, 2015.

Medallist, Wicklow Way Ultra,

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017.

Former Wicklow Way record holder

Team Ireland / World Ultra Trail Championships 2011, 2015, 2017, 2018

Tor des Geants 330km ultra-race top 25 finisher 2017 & 2018

Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Coach

Certified Sports Massage Therapist

Certified Biomechanics Coach

Certified ITEC Personal Trainer

Paul has also teamed up with Irish International mountain runner Sarah McCormack as part of a great coaching team from 'Missing Link Coaching' you can catch Sarah on a previous episode #114 when she featured as a guest on the podcast.

Episode #136 Robbie Britton The Key to Ultra Running Success

Episode #136 Robbie Britton The Key to Ultra Running Success

January 10, 2021

Robbie Britton is an athlete that isn’t afraid of a challenge, be it on the road or the trail, Robbie has performed from 5k to 24hr, with highlights such as a 2:29 marathon and a 261km 24hr best, which earned him a World & European bronze medal.

Robbie loves a challenge whether it is crossing Iceland, completing the Kom-Emine in Bulgaria, setting an FKT on the 650km Jordan Trail on foot or 1100km on a bike, the next adventure is never far away with Robbie however one area he invests a lot of his time on is his coaching methods and as you will hear from this episode he has developed a wealth of knowledge through various university courses that helps his athletes succeed.

Add to the mix he is about to release his first book which should be out in the next few months so I'll share a link when available in the comments below.

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