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Episode #148 Liz Canty from the 15 Metre Line to 100 Mile Endurance Races

September 7, 2021

It's hard to know where to begin with Liz Canty, an immense rugby player who changed direction and ended up on rat jaw, what more can be said....

Liz really hasn't held back in any way or form, starting on the road and moving to the trails she has gone from strength to strength racing numerous 50k to 100 mile races and although realtively new to the sport she has already raced in some of trail runnings most iconic events such as Western State, The Barkley, CCC, and has had early success on races such as the Barkley Falls Classic the list goes on and on so just click the link below and check out her Ultrasign up list....

Liz Canty UltraSignup Link

Here is link to the registration of the Seven Sisters for those interested in a 55k Classic across the Mountains of Donegal.

Seven Sisters Skyline 15th May 2022


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