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Podcast #100 Courtney Dauwalter UTMB Winner 2019 Big’s Backyard 279 miles General Badass!

February 28, 2020

We have an one of the world best Ultra Runners on the pod this week, I know I shouldn’t have favourites but there is no hiding that Courtney is one of my ultra running hero’s so it was amazing to been provided with the opportunity to chat.

For those that don’t know Courtney won UTMB last year so we unpack that experience, she also holds the Last one Standing record for women and second overall to Johan Steene running an amazing 279 miles, she was first women home in the Great Western state with a finishing time of 17hr 27min which is mind blowing, she won the run rabbit run 100mile race in 2016 with second place 75 minutes behind and she retained her title in 2017 even though she battled with temporary blindness in the final 12 mile on a very technical course.

Courtney has redefined the pain cave, she is an ambassador to Salomon and is famous for those shorts, at the age of 35 she is very young in the world of ultra running so we have a lot more to see from Badass. 

Every once in a while a game changer, a maverick arrives to entertain us in the sporting arena and in life too. She is it! She is the most down to earth, ordinary person. Yet there is nothing ordinary about her. She demolishes everything in front of her and yet almost embarrassed about her achievements. A class act and role model for all aspiring athletes out there. @Greg Dillion

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