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Podcast #87 Maggie Guterl Big Dog’s Back Yard Ultra Champion 250 miles Last one Standing & Still Not Out

November 28, 2019

We have another awesome episode for you this week Maggie Guterl from Pennsylvania who was the first female winner of the Big Dog's Back Yard Ultra.

The race consists of a 4.1666 mile loop on the property of Lazarus Lake in Bell Buckle Tennessee, the runners have 60 minutes to complete the loop and get back on the start line ready to go again before they are timed out, sounds easy right, well how do you think you would feel after 60 loops of non-stop racing because that’s what it took Maggie to become the world champion of the Back yard Ultra 2.5 days, 60hrs, 250 miles frame it what ever way you want, it was an outstanding performance and one that has really catapulted Maggie into the lime light in the world of Ultra running, not that she is new to the sport competing in many 100 mile races including two times player of the Barkley marathon (also created by Lazarus Lake) and USA 24hr competitor is it any wonder that she showed the guys how it was done.

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