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Podcast #91 Will Hayward Last One to DNF at Big Dog’s Back Yard Ultra 2019

December 20, 2019

Just to close the loop on the Big Dog’s Backyard we have Will Hayward on the podcast this week, he gained entry through winning Boar’s backyard Ultra with a respectable 25 loops just scraping past the 100 mile mark.

His main aim going into the backyard wasn’t to contest winning but to find out how far he could challenge his own limits, well he done just that and more he looked like he was at deaths door half way through the race and miraculously through a deep strength of resilience and determination he kept showing up at the starting line ready to battle against his own inner voices.

It wasn’t long until 66+ became four, and Katie Wright dropped followed by the race favourite Dave Proctor, this left Will as the last man standing and the remaining challenger against Maggie Guterl who went on to claim over all victory.

This is a superb competition which really brings out the best in people, if you haven’t already check out podcast #86 from race director Lazarus Lake and podcast #87 Maggie Guterl winner of this year’s Big Dog’s Back Yard Ultra, these three podcasts make for an epic sequence to be enjoyed, and if you listen carefully there are some great tips for those preparing to step up to the starting line of a back yard ultra.

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