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Podcast #95 John Kelly A Brutal Beautiful Adventure Winner of The Montane Spine Race 2020

January 24, 2020

Another epic podcast with this years winner of the Montane Spine race John Kelly, most know him as the last person to complete the infamous barkley marathon which has only had 15 finishers in the last 30 years, he’s a sub 9hr Ironman, he’s ran a 2.35 marathon on the streets of Newyork, and in this episode we break down both his spine adventure and the Grand Round where John attempts to complete Paddy Buckley, cycle the 175 miles to the Bob Graham and then continue to cycle the 235 miles to the Charlie Ramsey which is a mind bending concept.

A Brutal Beautiful adventure wow what an event and what a race this year John is an outstanding athlete and if he manages to complete the Grand Rounds he will go down in history as one of the fittest men on the planet, some super episodes on the podcast so if your tuning in for the first time why not check out a few of our latest episodes, Lazarus Lake, Damian Hall, Nicky Spinks, Maggie Guterl, Eoin Keith to name a few and watch out for our 100th episode special with my favourite ultra runner of all time Courtney Dauwalter.

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