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Podcast #98 Dave Proctor how to Frame Backyard Ultras by Canada’s 24-Hour Road-Running Record Holder

February 13, 2020

Superb episode with ultra endurance athlete Dave Proctor, race director of  Canada’s Out Run Rare Backyard event, he finished 3rd at Big’s last year, he holds the Canadian 24-hour road-running record of 257.093 kilometres, set on a looped road course in Turin, Italy, in 2015.

He also holds the 72-hour record (500 kilometres), the 12-hour treadmill record (153.8 kilometre) and the fastest 100-mile treadmill record (12:32:26). 

He has quite a few 100 miler wins under his belt, including running 170km to the start of a 100 miler the day before the race then managed to take the win the next day.

He attempted to run the 7200km across Canada in 66 days to bring awareness to rare diseases to help support his son, due to injury he managed half way before he had to pull the plug but he has set up to make another attempt in May this year.

Another superb episode, I’ve upgraded the sound again so hopefully you see an improvement and for those taking on the Castleward Backyard this weekend I hope you take something from this episode.


Absolutely loved chatting to Dave, you can learn a lot from his mindfulness approach to both his running and life in general, we wish him all the luck this year with his transcontinental run across Canada, over 7000km in 66 days sounds crazy until its done.....

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